I failed my save

It all started

A knock sounded on the door in the middle of the night, during a terrible storm. The students answered to discover an elderly woman soaked to the bone and shivering. The other students gathered around as the woman delivered a message. Their master, Archem Archibald, left for Winterhaven three weeks ago, and had told the woman to alert the students if he failed to return. He said nothing of his mission, save cryptic ramblings of a dragon’s grave, and a weakening wall. Concerned for their master and eager to leave the oppressive roof of the house, they prepared for the journey as Archos left for the temple to pray and ask Pelor for guidance. There he me Marla, a high ranking priest of Pelor from the Great Church, who alerted him to the possibility of a death cult in the area, and asked him to undertake a mission from the church to investigate and, if necessary, stamp it out. He alerted the rest of the students to this possibility, and they set out on the road for Winterhaven.
Along the way, they were beset by Kobold bandits. Eager to practice the skills which they had honed under the tutelage of their master, they quickly dispatched the would be robbers and went on their way. On arriving at Winterhaven, they were pointed toward Wrafton’s Inn where they met a number of interesting people. No one in town seemed to know much about a cult, but they did find a lead on a rumored dragon burial site in the area, and talked to an old man who said someone fitting Archem’s description had been through town and was calling himself Douvan. They heard a bard tell the story of the fall of Sir Keegan, the last guardian of Shadowfell Keep, and they spoke to an old sage named Valthrun who knew a little of the keep, and told them that he would find more information in his library and give it to them when the spoke next. Finally, they spoke with Lord Padraig, who offered to pay them handsomely if they would agree to handle it. They received a rough map of the surrounding areas, with the location of the dragon burial site and the kobold lair marked in red, as well as Shadowfell Keep. They set out at first light for the kobold lair, and they were suddenly ambushed by kobolds who appeared suddenly though some sort of shadow magic. They fought tooth and nail for their lives and defeated the kobolds, but it was obvious that they had caught someone’s attention. The kobold leader had spoken praise to Orcus, and wore a religious medallion representing the demon lord of undead. It seems they had stumbled upon their cult after all.


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